The Town of Independence has available grant funding for low income owner occupied homeowners for housing repairs. Andover Historic Preservation Corporation is overseeing the grant for the Town of Independence. Income documentation has to be provided and verified to receive grant assistance. Property must be in your name, taxes must be current and if there is a mortgage on the property that has to be current. No land contracts can be used to receive grant funding. All homes must have homeowner’s insurance coverage
and if your home is in a flood zone flood insurance is required.
Please contact Andover Historic Preservation for an application for grant assistance. Call 607-478-8009 or email at



Did you know you can save more on your electricity bill while giving back to the environment and developing your local community?
Community solar is a roofless solar energy program that lowers your electricity bills while empowering you to support renewable energy goals. Households and businesses that sign up can access the benefits of solar without having to install a solar array onto their rooftops. There are no costs to sign up or any hidden fees.
OYA Renewables is developing three local community solar projects in the Town of Independence. Support your Town by signing up!
Call 716-218-4350 or email
To find out more about OYA Renewables, please visit