Town-Wide Clean Up


-For Town Residents only-
ID required
Saturday, April 27th 2024
No Curb Side Pick-up
Bins will be set up at the Town Highway Garage Located at 950 North Main Street
*Any Elderly or Disabled Residents that needs help loading their Debris, can call Hwy Superintendent Mike Fox at 716-925-8477, before April 26th to arrange for assistance. *
No tires, electronics, building waste, yard waste or paints.

Legal Notice of Public Hearing


Local Law #1 of 2024



Planning Board Position available, email for interested Town Residents

Town Court


​​​​​The Carrollton Town Court is now open to the public for regular court sessions, which are held every Monday night at 7PM, excluding major holidays. You may now appear in person on your ticket appearance date if you choose to do so. NO ENTRY WILL BE PERMITTED WITHOUT A MASK! If possible, please mail in your ticket pleas and ticket payments, or you may drop them in the secure drop box in front of the building, which is checked daily. The Court Clerk's office hours are Monday evenings from 5-8 PM, Tuesday and Thursday 10 AM - 4 PM. The court phone number is 716-925-7772. For assistance during off hours, please e-mail the Court Clerk at​