Notice of Special Meeting


January 16, 2024



Newly elected Councilpersons: Paula Clayson, Michelle Dunbar, and David Shields
On-board January 2023

Town of Alma Seeking a Board Member


Due to a tie in November for a 3rd board candidate, the seat was not filled. Therefore, town of Alma is seeking one more board member, must reside in Town of Alma and at least 18 years of age, if interested please e-mail a letter of interest to Town Clerk, Carolyn Dean TOWNCLERK@TOWNOFALMANY.ORG or stop by during clerks hours Mondays- 2pm-7:pm, Wednesdays 2-7pm. OR Saturdays 9am- 1pm.

NYS Hunting Licenses


Sorry for the inconvenience, however new clerk has not yet been approved for issuing hunting Licenses through NYS. In the meantime, people can get their hunting licenses in Wellsville or at Willing Town Halls.

Upcoming Clerk Hours


the following are updated Town Clerk Hours:
6/20/23 8am-11:00am
6/27/23 8am-12pm
7/4/23 closed
7/11/23 closed

Office Hours 5/30/23


I will be closing at noon today 5/30/23 due to a prior commitment.

Councilman Vacancies for Town of Alma


There are TWO vacancies for the Town of Alma Town Board effective immediately. If you would like to be a candidate to be appointed by the Town Board, please send a letter of interest to the Alma Town Clerk. If you are interested in running on the ballot in November to fulfill the position until 2025, please contact the Allegany County Board of Elections at 585-268-9295.

Dog Licenses


ALL dogs in the Town of Alma 4 months or older must be licensed. To obtain a new license proof of rabies and if your dog has been spayed or neutered is required. It is $7.00 fixed and $16.00 unfixed (same amount every year for renewal). The forms to fill out are available on Tuesdays 8am-1pm at the Alma Town Hall.

Grievance Day


Grievance Day Notice

MACE building permit fee schedule


updated building permit fee schedule effective April 5, 2023

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MACE Fee Schedule.pdf