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Rules of Ethical Conduct
Conduct and morals for Town Board and employees
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Regulating Sale, Loan or Display of Obscene Materials to Minors
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Establishing Parking Regulations
Parking regulations for the Town of Machias
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Written Notice to Town Clerk regarding defective or ice conditions on Town Roads or property
Written notice must be given to the Town Clerk before any claim can be made against the Town
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Establishment of a hazardous wastes prohibition
Prevents the establishment of any storage or processing facilities for hazardous wastes in Machias
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Alternative Veteran's Exemption Option to Not Grant Exemption
Not granting an exemption of real property taxes for Veterans
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Revoking Law 1984-1 to Not Grant Veteran's Exemptions
This revokes the law not granting an alternative exemption on real property for Veterans.
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Enforcement of Uniform Fire Prevention & Building Code
Establishing a Building Inspector to enforce all building regulations and codes
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Dog Control Law
Dog control rules and regulations
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Authorizing Conduct of Games of Chance
Games of Chance may be held in Machias by a licensed organization according to the laws of New York State
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Defense & Indemnification of Town Employees
Protects Town employees from any financial actions that would be taken against them that are directly related to actions that they undertook in their official position as Town employees
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Solid Waste Disposal Law
This law prohibits the operation of solid waste facilities in Machias
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Flood Damage Prevention
This establishes rules and regulations to prevent damages and expenses related to flooding
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Cross Connection Control of Water System
Regulating backflow from contaminating public water
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Transportation to Suburban Adult Services
Gives the Town the power to contract for transportation for residents to Suburban Adult Services in Sardinia
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Dog Control Law Amendment
Update to the fees and penalties relating to Dog Control
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Abolishing Elected Assessor and Establishing Appointed Assessor
This abolishes the elected assessor position and allows for the appointment of an assessor by the Town Board
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Regulating Junk Cars and Refuse
This sets regulations for junk and refuse on public and private property in the Town of Machias
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Historic Preservation
Rules and regulations relating to historic buildings in the Town of Machias
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Town Portion of Dog Licensing Fee
This adds a Town fee to the State charge for licensing a dog
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Regulating Use of Parks
This sets rules for the Town parks and penalties for violating those rules
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Wind Farm Law
Laws regarding the establishment of any wind farm in Machias
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Rules and Regulations for Water District
The rules and regulations for the public water system in Machias
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Repair or Removal of Unsafe Buildings
Regulations for the repair or demolition of unsafe buildings
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Establish a Constabulary
To establish a constabulary in the Town of Machias
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Sewer Law
To establish the rules and regulations of the Machias Sewer District
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Appointment of Constables
Authorizing the Town Board to appoint constables to serve the Town of Machias
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Veterans' Real Property Tax Exemption
To allow for "Cold War" Veterans to receive the Veterans' Tax Exemption
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Right to Farm
This law intends to allow farming without unwarranted or unreasonable interference or restriction
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Parking Ordinance
Parking regulations for the Town of Machias
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Senior Exemption
Allows for a partial exemption of real property tax for persons over 65
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Solar Law
Sets rules and regulations for the establishment of a solar farm in the Town of Machias
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Solar Law Attachment
Attachment to the Solar Law
2021-1 attach
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Tax Exemption Exclusion
Revokes any real property tax exemption that would be available to a Solar Farm
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Six-month Moratorium for Solar Energy
Establishes a six-month moratorium on all solar farms in the Town of Machias